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Cyber Security

Security threats force you to take action

Digitalization and the growing networking of machines and industrial systems also mean an increase in the risk of cyberattacks. Appropriate protective measures are imperative, especially for critical infrastructure facilities. An approach that covers all levels simultaneously – from the operational to the field level and from access control to copy protection – is essential for comprehensively protecting industrial facilities against internal and external cyberattacks.

Comprehensive concept

The increase in horizontal and vertical data integration is a principal feature of digital companies. That’s why it’s increasingly important to reliably protect productivity and expertise at three levels: plant security, network security, and system integrity.

Physical protection & security management for automation systems

Plant security employs a number of different methods to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining physical access to critical components, starting with conventional building access and extending to the securing of sensitive areas by means of key cards.

Tailored Industrial Security Services from Siemens include processes and guidelines for comprehensive plant protection. These range from risk analysis and the implementation and monitoring of suitable measures to regular updates.

Secure communication in industrial networks

One of the key challenges for consistent communication is to additionally establish adequate protection of easily accessible systems. In addition to availability, the focus is on protecting automation networks against unauthorized access.

Moreover, our portfolio has been optimized for use in automation systems and is designed to meet the specific requirements of industrial networks. For use in extreme environment conditions our ruggedized security portfolio provides the right answer.

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