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Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Katalix offers data backup and recovery solutions which covers design and implementation of a data backup and business continuity plan using either on-site or off-site equipment’s. At the same time, we’ll monitor your backups to ensure you always have access to hat you need & more importantly when you need it.

In this current fast paced day and age Data loss and downtime can be extremely costly to businesses of all sizes. Heart of your business is Data, but, what happens in a situation of disaster? Will you be able to recover your operations? How long will it take you to get things running smoothly again?

Data Backup and Recovery Solution

katalix executes overall assessments to determine your business continuity requirements and suggests solution to address a variety of scenarios. Globtier tests the disaster recovery environment on regular intervals during the year, because when a disaster happens, the only thing required is confidence in the solution that comes with knowing that everything will work exactly as planned.

With Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services of Katalix you can be rest assured from any such challenges & move ahead continuously. Get ready for any Emergency with Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions.

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